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I took a spin on the traditional Devils on Horseback recipe.  It was great, easy and fast.  Three things that are in my most important TOP TEN.  🙂  Plus, the hubs loved them too.  I switched things up a bit so hang in there with me.

Devils on horseback really close



This couldn’t be easier.  Get yourself some mini sweet peppers.  Wash, cut them lengthwise and deseed.

Mini Peppers

Put a pitted date in between the two halves to make a sandwich, if you will.  Then, wrap in some glorious thick cut bacon.  No toothpicks needed.  They should hold together rather well.


Bake in a preheated oven under the broiler on high until that bacon is crispy.  Make sure to use a foil lined baking sheet for this one.  They should cook approximately 10 minutes or so depending on thickness of your bacon.

Devils on Horseback up close