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Couldn’t get enough of my holiday faves?  Well, you are in luck as I have 5 more fantastic finds for you.

6.  Pasta.  Really, is any other explanation necessary?

Cappello’s Gluten Free Pasta


Again, crazy expensive.  But it is the holidays, so live a little.  I know I could go for some lasagna about now.  How about carbonara?  Oh my… that does sound festive.

7.  A Vegetable Slicer that makes fun pasta shapes.

Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer


This is the Holy Grail for Paleo followers.  It takes sweet potatoes or carrots even and spiral slices them into spaghetti shaped goodness.  Then you top with your marinara sauce or other equally fantastic concoction and you can fool yourself into believing you are eating pasta.  Well, I know that sounds snarky, but it’s not like you don’t know what you are eating.  It is as good a replica as I know though.  So slice up and enjoy!

8.  Fish Sauce – No it’s not made from Nemo, just his buddy the anchovy.

Red Boat Fish Sauce


I am told it is the most authentic fish sauce on the market.  Now, I am no connoisseur of fish sauces.  I hadn’t even used it to cook before going Paleo, but it is mighty tasty in your Asian dishes.  So try it in your curries or in your salmon cakes and chow down.  By the way, this link gets you two bottles.  That’s right, two for one baby.

9.  Shortening.  Are you a baker?  Then you need the goods.

Spectrum Organic Shortening

Organic Shortening

Try this for frying up sweet potatoes, making a gluten-free pie crust or even an almond butter cup.  It is a GMO-free version of your grand-momma’s Crisco.

10.  Save the best for last?  It’s quite possible with this cookbook.

Nom Nom Paleo:  Food for Humans Cookbook

Nom Nom Paleo Cookbook

Now this one isn’t even available until December 17.  However, I received an advanced sample of this book and boy oh boy.  It LITERALLY knocked my socks off.  It is not only gorgeously photographed, but it is loaded with them.  I think there is no such thing as too many food photographs.  Plus, the adorable Michelle has her cute caricature in comic style throughout as well.  I really can’t say enough good things about this book.  Just buy it.  It is much easier than arguing that you don’t need another cookbook.  I will prove you wrong on this one.

Besides, I need to go.  My feet are cold.