Good evening everyone!  Sometimes the last thing I want to do in the morning is make breakfast for myself.  I have to pack lunches, pack backpacks, cook for the kids, brush teeth and carpool.  Having a quick breakfast for myself is a lifesaver.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like dirtying another pan for eggs.

This recipe is super flexible.  You can change out the greens and the fruits as well.  I love that it is dairy and grain free, so most diets or eating plans can be accommodated.


2 handfuls of spring mix greens and lettuces or kale or spinach (I told you it’s flexible!)

1 cup water

1 apple (cored)

1 1/2 cups frozen berries (your choice)

Blend it all together.

You can add honey as a sweetener, but I like to go au natural.  If you would like to add a more natural sweetener, add a whole banana.  This will make one large glassful.  Make sure to either add the frozen berries or ice, because that is what makes it cold.  Not much is worse than a warm smoothie.

Drink up and enjoy that extra ten minutes in the morning!