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So, I’ve been craving a dessert. It’s been two weeks since I have had a sweet treat and I thought now was the time. Especially after attending a wedding last night with both wedding cake AND Flaming Donuts with Ice Cream. All of which, I did not partake in.

So, here’s my Paleo version of She Knows and her Cake Batter Ice Cream. While hers sounded fantastic, I tweaked it a bit and came up with my own spin on it. I hope you enjoy this treat once in a while. It does have two, count them two, bananas in one serving. So, don’t indulge every night. One of my favorite parts of this recipe was the speed in which is came together. Nothing like getting your dessert on in a matter of minutes.

Remove two frozen bananas from the freezer.  (You can prep these in advance by peeling and cutting them into slices.  Put them on a cookie sheet in your freezer.  After a few hours you can pull them out and put in a ziplock baggie.  Now you will have a handy bunch of sliced bananas.  I never do this and end up having to delicately trim off the peel with a knife and miss out on some of the yummy banana that gets cut off.)

Pulse the bananas in your food processor.  Once creamy, add 1/2 cap full of vanilla extract and 1/4 cap full of almond extract.  Blend again.

Grab a spoon.  Seriously, what could be easier than that?