Spaghetti Squash uncooked

So I am totally digging the versatility of the spaghetti squash.  Basically, you use it to replace noodles when eating Paleo.  A veggie = noodles you ask…. well, it is a pretty good substitute but definitely not the exact same thing.

Now, I have used spaghetti squash with a lovely tomato meat sauce – ala spaghetti bolognese, with a terrific peanut sauce – ala Pad Thai, and just plain ole – yummy vegetable.  🙂

Here’s a how to, on what to do with the darn thing once you get it.  Hint one:  You may have to ask for one in the produce department at the grocery store.  My store had it hidden behind other vegetables in the back.  But, at this time of year, you should be able to spot one.  My husband and I were able to split one squash between us for dinner.  They do make a lot of “noodles”.

First things first, cut the thing in half.  Easier said than done.  It is big, unwieldy and rocks around.  I took my biggest butcher knife and cut from the middle to the stem.  It took lots of pressure, cursing and banging.  Then cut from the middle to the bottom of the squash.  It was easier than just trying to cut the whole thing in half in one go.

Hopefully now you have two halves and ten fingers.  My husband was convinced I would cut something off.  Now scoop out the seeds from the middle, just like with a pumpkin.  I then put a little olive oil on the exposed fleshy sides and put on a rimmed cookie sheet flesh side up for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  Then, flip them puppies over and go another 35 minutes.


It should look like the above when you remove it.  Possibly caved in like mine.

Don’t forget the hot pads and take them out to cool.  I flip them over first.  I’d let them cool off for 10-15 minutes.  Not much longer because you want them warm when you get ready to steal its noodles!  Oooooh ahhh ahhh ahhh! (Cue creepy laugh.)

Spaghetti squash ready for shredding

Grab a fork and just pull it along the squash.  It will shred up nicely, as seen on left squash above. You can go all the way to the skin at the bottom.  You will be quite surprised with how much flesh you can get out!

Now, add your toppings, complete your recipe, or enjoy with a little salt and pepper as is!  Enjoy!